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Meats, cured meats, cheeses and vegetables

Goats, sheep, rabbits, pigeons, hens and Romagna cockerels are raised on our farm, carefully following the life cycle of each species. The Muscovy ducks come from our estate. The meat that we use is bred from Romagna cattle, while pigs are bred on our farm. The tripe is exclusively of tender Scottona beef and comes from the Romagnolo Apennines.

Our sausages are our own, dried in a natural way without the addition of nitrates. The Tenuta Saiano estate has an internal laboratory where we process sausages and meats. The pigs grow within a forest reserve and feed on acorns, grasses and forage. We respect the curing time, and the natural life cycle of our pigs. For this reason – more than once in fact – you will not find all the meats indicated on the map. Nature dictates the time and we respect it.

The selection of cheeses we offer includes the best of Romagna handcraft production. The Fossa cheese D.O.P. seasoned in the pits of Sogliano, Pellegrini is prepared especially for us. Directly from ‘The Good Shepherd’ (Il Buon Pastore) farm we receive pecorino aged in walnut leaves, and pecorino cheese with vegetable rennet from wild thistle flowers. According to its ancient recipe its maturation guarantees a genuine taste and a recovery of the dairy traditions of the Romagna Apennines. Squacquerone D.O.P. made with Romagna cows’ milk is prepared daily using an exclusive recipe from Caseificio Pascoli.

We try to use seasonal vegetables when nature permits: the pickles and pickled vegetables are made and processed by us and the vegetables and side dishes that you can find on the menu, comes in part from the Tenuta Saiano estate and partly from the market in Santarcangelo. The aromatic spices, herbs, artichokes, asparagus and potatoes are grown in our estate.