Slow Food products

We are careful to respect our territory and for some time we have used products which later went on to become Slow Food.

Pera cocomerina
(a variety of Italian pear), produced by the Cultural Association Pro Villas Verghereto (FC)

Anchovies (masculina da Magghia variety), produced by the Cooperative of the Gulf of Catania (CT)

Sweet salt (sale dolce) from the salina Camillone of Cervia, produced by the cultural group Civiltà Salinaria, Cervia (RA)

Fiaschetto Tomatoes, produced by Michele Greco, San Vito dei Normanni (BR)

Diamante di Bronte Pistachios, produced by Antonino Caudullo, Bronte (CT)

Noto Almonds, produced by Concetto Scandarci, Noto (SR).