Grotta Acerboli

From the Sala Nadiani, past the glass door leads to the basement, a labyrinth of tunnels softened by the arches and vaults dug into the rock, and the same goes for the Dovecot Cave (Grotta delle Colombaie): there hovers a great mystery about those ‘apogee’ that still see scholars engaged in historical research of their origins. The two most significant are The Acerboli Cave and The Cellar of Paolo and Francesca (La Grotta Acerboli e la Cantina di Paolo e Francesca). The Cave brings back memories of the early medieval period of the country (‘Basilica S.Arcangeli fondata in loco qui dicitur Acervolis’, reads the Bavaro coding in the years 889-898 in reference to the parish of S.Michele Arcangelo).