Tasty and sweet because of its high sugar concentration, Savour is a fruit compote linked to the period farmer, prepared using carefully calibrated and patient work of boiling, usually to coincide with the harvest period.
Obtained from the careful and balanced blending of the traditional Saba and raw materials of the highest quality – dried fruit, candied fruit and other tasty ingredients of the typical peasant meal – Savour has the soft-bodied consistency of a jam, characterized by a distinctive mottled amber colour with shades of a more intense colour Its enveloping aroma is dominated by delicate hints of fruit, capable of evoking a long forgotten rural past.
We prepare the Savour following the ancient recipe handed down from our grandparents, in accordance with the dictates of traditional cooking. We recommend using it as an ingredient for delicious home baking – ravioli and fruit tarts – or in conjunction with our piadina bread and delicious traditional local cheeses, both fresh and mature.