Campo della Fiera

This room wants to be a cameo to the memories of the old traditions of town fairgrounds, a green ‘field’ representing the memories of the past. The ‘caveje’ tools (caveje is the antique symbol of Romagna) that dot the walls are ancient jangling pivots that were used to fasten the yoke of the oxen to the wagons, sounding the pace of work in the fields. In the days of the exhibition and celebration, animals were on display to be sold. These ‘rings’ celebrating the glories of farmers and peasants, rattled in the wind and the sound matched the hard work of the oxen. A few steps from here, walking towards the place where the tambourine was played, we find the trade field used for the exchange of livestock used in celebration of the town’s festival. But not only: the major trading and show oxen attracted people from the surrounding villages. The negotiations took place in secret, the most important business of the town amongst acrobats and jugglers, storytellers, roasted chestnuts and small stallholders. Some of the street-foods are the dishes of our tavern that warm the soul of the wayfarer: tripe, beans, pasta, wine and a chat … maybe in dialect.