Cantinone Beato Simone

A large room, where in the past, the people of Santarcangelo mingled with strangers to enjoy a glass of good wine. The atmosphere is still simple and cozy, where you can find yourself in good company, elbow to elbow on the padded benches that surround the set tables. On the right side of the room – to interrupt the continuity of tiles blackened by time – is sunk into the ground a very old ‘throw well’. So called because in the past it was used to throw the remains and debris of everyday life. In the centre stands an imposing brick octagonal column: ancient axis on which rest the large beams that hold up the entire ceiling. The cantinone is dedicated to the Blessed Simon Balacchi, the patron saint of the town. Balacchi of Santarcangelo was born in around 1240. His vocation led him to wear the clothes at the Dominican convent of San Cataldo in Rimini. He died in 1319.