Piazzetta del Teatro

It’s the point of passage between the inn and the restaurant, formerly called the garden of the poets. Light radiates on the cobblestones of the river that covers the entire perimeter and the well. The well, installed in the centre attracts the talk of the town and gatherings that are beyond the rhythms of work. An invitation to the princely Santarcangelo theatre, and the original sign, placed on the well – Teatro dei Condomini – identifies its exploits. A few steps away, stood the ancient Via del Teatro and the ancient Teatro dei Condomini. In this way, you will not miss the dedication to Teresa Franchini, the actress from Santarcangelo with her deep voice and stage presence who became an original character, appreciated by the great Italian playwrights. She was always pervaded by the desire to explore new avenues in the Italian theater of 900. She was the ideal interpreter for D’Annunzi, side by side with Duse she was one of the more avant-garde signs in our town. In the niches of the Saletta del Teatro dei Condomini we find a tribute to this figure. The hats of Teresa Franchini (30s 40s) take centre stage!