Saletta del Teatro dei Condomini

This room is a tribute to the Teatro dei Condomini and theatrical art at Santarcangelo, here art is timeless. Once used as a kitchen, this room is located in the heart of the Palazzo Nadiani. The walls are hung with paintings that adorn the splendour of an ancient time, and so from homemade seasonal delicacies and warm piadina bread, you will be amazed at the chosen repertoire of tragedies and comedies that costellate the entire theatrical production. It ran in the year 1822 when in Via del Teatro the last stone of the Teatro dei Condomini was laid. Built entirely of masonry in a semicircular plan, it is spread over three uniform tiers, with a total of 50 stages and a capacity of 400 people including stalls and boxes. The decorations of swags, friezes and panels are painted in bas-relief. An elegant piece of architecture, with cozy lounges and a pictorial presence of considerable interest to artists. The smell of wood and effort where night after night exceptional debuts were shown. The world seemed to come to this small village, and theatre companies were received with joy and amazement.