Stalletta di Pidio

The curved and sloping cobblestone pavement characterizes the Stalletta di Pidio. Popular legend tells us that from this room every Christmas Eve, the carriage of the gentlemen with the gifts for the poor of the town departed. The origin of the name of Stalletta, comes from the 
“Fessura Profonda”
 stove (Deep Gap) rooted in the history of Santarcangelo. Leopoldo Cantucci, said Pidio, was born in the shadow of the fortress on 1st July 1876. He died on 31st January 1943. In his everyday life he was a cobbler, but the villagers remember him with affection for his unmatched popularity.
“Quand ch’us magna bén in quatar /
u s magna mèi in tròi”
(When you eat well in four / you eat better in three)
“E’ pòll u s magna bén in déu: me e léu”
(The chicken is eaten well in two: him and me)