Tonino Guerra’s Stoves

The idea of the stoves came to Tonino Guerra in Leningrad, during a visit to the Palace of Baron Stiglitz. In the basement there were lined up a dozen large eighteenth-century stoves covered with majolica tiles. Back in Santarcangelo, his thought was to re-create this idea along with a group of local artists, and the result was just was impressive.

The metal structures, funded by the Municipality of Rimini and implemented by the Merluzzi blacksmith, was born from a project by Rita Ronconi; the coatings however, were made by the ‘Gruppo dello Scarabeo’ of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna, led by Professor Stefano Mazzotti and Romano Dal Fiume of the Cooperativa Ceramica Imola.

Of the original 7 stoves, 5 are found in the rooms of Sangiovesa, adding to the enjoyment of the cooking, and a magical nourishment for the memory.


Stufa del “Vecchio Autunno” (Old Autumn Stove) – Sala Malatesta

By Francesco Montelli of the Gruppo dello Scarabeo.

Stufa “Dei ricordi perduti” (Stove of Lost Memories) – Sala Malatesta

By Allievi of the Accademia delle Belle arti of Ravenna, under the guidance of professor Stefano Mazzotti.

Stufa del “Tappeto in ombra” (Rug in the Shade Stove) – Passaggio Nadiani

Made by Romano of the Cooperativa Ceramica di Imola.

Stufa della Fessura Profonda (Deep Gap Stove) – Stalletta del Pidio
By Mario Arnaldi of the Gruppo dello Scarabeo.

Stufa degli oggetti in Ascolto(Sotve of the Listening Objects) – Saletta Cagnacci

By Mario Arnaldi of the Gruppo dello Scarabeo.